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Cream with a K is a musician and visual artist.

Having spent the past 8 years in Tokyo, 4 of which she fronted the Bubblegum Japanese Pop band NEKO PUNCH (Universal Japan / ASOBI SYSTEM) she is now based in London.  In Tokyo, she is seen as a cultural figure who links the London and Tokyo music scenes, furthermore she was also the TV host of the Japanese Rock music TV Show NHK’s “Nippon Rocks”.

Whilst still in Tokyo, Cream with a K made her first digital release with the ethereal, grunge, pop song “Terrible Voices” on July 22nd 2016. Soon after she decided to return to the UK to pursue Cream with a K entirely as her first English project based in London - (Although she does still dabble with writing lyrics in Japanese sometimes.)

After spending time throughtout 2017 in Los Angeles's creative landscape; recording and writing, she is due to make her next release in the Autumn.





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