Photography by Nobuko Baba

Photography by Nobuko Baba



Cream with a K is the girl with whom a lot of us can relate to. Growing up awkward and in need of true self expression minus the bullshit, this alternative pop budding icon is now set to take over the music world.
Cream with a K’s woozy rendition of The Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind’ is a rough and ready, up close and personal peek into her genius artistry.
Cream with a K is back with a kickass no-nonsense attitide to blow your eardrums with her unique alternate sound.




Cream with a K is a musician, visual artist and former model. 

She is now based in London having spent the past 8 years in Tokyo fronting the Bubblegum Japanese Pop band NEKO PUNCH (Universal Japan / ASOBI SYSTEM).

Bilingual in Japanese and English, in Tokyo she is a recognisable media figure and was the TV host of the Japanese Rock music TV Show, NHK’s “Nippon Rocks” Series. She is seen as a link between the UK and Tokyo music scenes. 

Having achieved success in Japan with her previous band, as well as writing for other artists, it was only after a chance meeting in Tokyo with one of her biggest inspirations, BECK, she decided it was time to reconnect with the West and make music that was better aligned to her new ideas and vision.

Returning to the UK in October 2016, she created Cream with a K as her first fully English project, and early 2017 travelled to Mexico on a photoshoot. On the way back to the UK she spent time in Los Angeles and met her, soon to be, album co-producer Nate Olivera of Servant Rcords. She then spent much of 2017 in LA's creative landscape; writing and recording Cream with a K's first LP. She made her first digital release with the ethereal, grunge, pop song “Terrible Voices”  Dec 21st 2017, follwing the release of "Burn" Feb 14th.  Starting with a CD release in Tokyo in the spring she is due to release the self-titled LP throughout 2018.


    Notable Festival and Live Performances:

    • EMI ROCKS Sendai Arena 2014
    • Sunset Festival Fukuoka 2014
    • Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival2014/2015 Tokyo
    • Harajuku Kawaii Festival 2014/2015 Tokyo
    • JAPAN TOUR 2015 with GoChic
    • NEKO FES 2015 Osaka
    • MINAMI WHEEL 2015 Osaka
    • ASOPUNCH 2015 Osaka
    • NYLON NIGHT 2015 Tokyo
    • British Embassy Tokyo Christmas Party Guest Act
    • JEEP Renegade Release Party Guest Live
    • Via Bus Stop Fashion Event Guest Live
    • Art Aquarium Night Live Act
    • Zepp Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan
    • Tunnel 267 - Wimbledon, London 2017
    • Tokyo354Club - Cream with a K Album release Party - Tokyo 2017


    Other Notable Works includes:

    • Grand Prize Winner of EMI REVOLUTION ROCK Competition out of 2000 Bands.
    • NHK “Nippon Rocks” Japanese Music TV Show – Show Presenter (In Japanese)
    • Regular appearance on Tokyo Radio Chat shows (J-Wave, FM 802, InterFm and many more)
    • Music Video Project Co-ordinator, including styling and creative direction
    • Fashion, Tokyo “IT” girl for brands including; Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, M Missoni, Paul Smith, CANDY TOKYO and Regal Shoes. Appearance in various fashion/music/culture magazines such as Good Rocks, Barfout, Nylon, Vogue Girl, WWD and Cosmopolitan.
    • Art Aquarium TV – Show Presenter (In Japanese)
    • Model for Yoji Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs, Lowe in Tokyo shot by Leslie Kee.
    • Song and Lyric writing for Japanese and Korean artists as well as English and Japanese lyric translation


     Photography by Nobuko Baba  Hair and Make up by Naoko Shinohara

    Photography by Nobuko Baba

    Hair and Make up by Naoko Shinohara







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